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Automated Debit Card Fraud Alert System

To help protect you against fraud, our automated alert system will contact you in the event that there is suspicious activity on your debit card. If fraud is suspected, you will be contacted by our Fraud Center by email, text message, and phone, asking for confirmation for the flagged activity.





When potential fraud is detected, you will receive an automatic email notification from our Fraud Center with the option to reply and confirm or deny the transaction.



A minute after the email, you’ll receive a text alert about the suspicious debit card activity. You must reply with YES or NO to confirm or deny the transaction.



If no email or text response is sent, you will receive an automatic phone call to confirm or deny the suspected fraudulent transaction. You will also be given the option to speak with a fraud analyst.


REMEMBER: Our messages will NEVER ask for your PIN, account, or card number.


From what email address will I receive the fraud alert email messages?
You will receive the email from

From what phone number will I receive the fraud alert text messages?
You will receive the from (833) 735-1892 or short code 20733.

From what phone number will I receive the fraud alert phone calls?
There are several phone numbers that you may receive fraud alert phone calls from, most notably (833) 735-1894.

Do I have to sign up to receive the text messages?
All customers are automatically enrolled once a new debit card is ordered, as long as there is a cell phone number on the system. An enrollment text is sent out, giving the customer the option to either opt in or out of the text service.

Is there a fee for receiving the text messages?
No, there is no fee, although standard carrier text and data rates may apply.

May I opt out of receiving text messages?
Yes, you may opt out at any time by responding STOP to a text message.

When will text messages be sent?
A text message will be sent one minute after an email has been sent between the hours of 7am-9pm, local time of cardholder.

What if I don’t respond to the text message?
If you don’t respond to the text message, you will receive an automated phone call.

How will I know that this is the bank fraud center calling and not a scam?
There are several fraud center phone numbers. If you are concerned that the call you received is a scam, you may call the Fraud Center directly at (833) 735-1894.

What happens if I don’t answer the phone call?
The fraud center will leave a voicemail with instructions to return the call.

Can I call the bank instead?
For greater efficiency and faster service, we encourage you to respond to the fraud center directly, but you are always welcomed to contact a banker at your local branch for assistance.

What time of day will phone calls be received?
Phone calls will be placed between 8 AM and 9 PM, local time of the cardholder.

What if I want to speak with a person?
You will have an option to speak with a fraud analyst.

Will I be asked for my account number or debit card number?
No, verification will be done by matching your phone number and zip code. No other personal information will be required. If you are asked for personal information, hang up and contact your local bank branch.

What phone number will the fraud center use to contact me?
They will use the Home, Mobile, and Work phone numbers that are listed for your account.

Is there any way to reduce my chances of having my card blocked for legitimate transactions?
If you are planning on traveling, contact the bank so that they can put a note on your account. This will lessen the chances of the fraud center blocking your card for transactions that are done outside of your normal area.