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Financial Education

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In our effort to improve financial wellness in the communities we serve, The Bank of New Glarus has teamed up with Banzai, a financial literacy program provider, to help bring financial education resources to many of our local schools, as well as to the community in general.









In the Classroom

By sponsoring several schools throughout Green County, we help teach local students how to deal with financial dilemmas using real-world scenarios. Since we are using a modern financial literacy platform, it is available on desktops and tablets and is memorable, interactive, and easy to use.

For more information on the impact we're making in our schools, or if you're an educator who is interested in bringing the Banzai program to your school, please visit










In the Community

We're bringing the classroom out into the community with the introduction of a free service we are sponsoring for anyone in the community to take advantage of. The BNG Financial Wellness Center is an online collection of resources, providing the same sort of insight, education, and information that students are learning in school, but right to your home. Whether you're looking to get out of debt, buy your first home, or even learn to budget your finances better, you'll find the tools and tips to make it happen. There are even virtual coaches that can help you through the process of some of the modules. Take a look for yourself and see how we can help you on your path to Financial Wellness.


Visit the BNG Financial Wellness Center.